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Cooking class Puglia

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Are you interested in a cooking class in Puglia? Would you like to learn how to make traditional pasta?
Do you love vegetables (which are abundant in Puglia!) and want to improve your culinary skills by preparing traditional dishes?
Our courses are not just simple cooking demonstrations but real cooking classes where you will wear your apron and cook at your workplace, following the instructions given by Annamaria.
Thanks to a vast list of choices and our flexibility, you will be able to choose and customize your class, spending time in good company, having fun and sharing a passion.
Every dish will be made respecting the seasonality of our vegetable garden and our orchard and the organic and zero food miles philosophy.

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The  classes are every day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. or from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. According to our availability, though, we may be able to make changes by request.
Minimum group size: 2 people.
After a welcome drink and a quick tour of the farm, surrounded by century old olive trees, we will start the lesson. At about 1 p.m. you will taste what you made.... a nice chance to test your culinary skills.
Classes take usually one day but there are also two or three-day courses available.
Before saying goodbye, the ladies will receive a present as a memory and the recipes of what you made.​

Two-day course

(207 € p.p.)


Same as the one-day one plus: bread, panzerotti, a
traditional pastry, orange and mandarin liqueur.

One-day course

(115 € p.p.)


In this class you will learn how to make: focaccia,
eggplant or zucchini parmigiana, a type of traditional
pasta as well as sauce and a traditional dessert..

Three-day course

(290 € p.p.)


In addition to day one and two you will learn how to
make: fava been puree with vegetables, taralli and friselle
(the pugliese bruschetta) and a traditional meat recipe.

Wine during lunchnot included
If you would like to have a glass of wine during the class and lunch we will choose the best one to pair with what we are making.


Buy wine

If you’d also like to buy some wine to enjoy during your stay in Puglia, just let us know. We’ll take a walk together into the cellar, ask you about your preferences and find the right bottle of Pugliese wine. A wide price range is available starting from 14 euro up to 70 euro per bottle.

Classes take place at Masseria Garrappa 

C.da Losciale, 85 - Monopoli (BA).